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Green Monutain Grills Millers Hardware

Millers Hardware is One of  Central Florida's Largest Green Mountain Grill Dealers

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Why Buy from Us?

  • We have the best prices, period.
  • We stock every model and display them for you to see.
  • We carry all Green Mountain pellets and many other smoking accessories.
  • Our number 407-358-4813 will connect you with someone knowledgeable about the Green Mountain Grill, right away. Don’t get transferred 3 times like other dealers.

Please email us at or call us at 407-358-4813 and we will send you our price.

Green Monutain Grills Millers Hardware

The GMG Difference

How a Pellet Grill Works

  • The digital controller controls the internal temperature by managing pellet flow.

  • A motor turns the auger which feeds pellets, into the Firebox.

  • A hot rod in the firebox ignites the pellets and a combustion fan keeps them burning.

  • A fan inside the the pellet hopper maintains positive pressure, preventing burn-back in the hopper.

  • When they meet, these two air flows create the ultimate wood-burning fire, circulating pure hardwood smoke throughout the grill.

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