Screen Repair and Screen Building

Screens and windows can get snagged, torn, or damaged in a variety of ways, whether it be a rowdy pet or unsuspecting house guest. Miller's Hardware offers screen repair with the ability to patch or completely repair screen damage to doors and windows. We can custom build your window screen to any size. We can also do work on wood and metal framed doors that need screens.


Have a broken window? Bring us the measurements and we will cut you a piece of glass for the perfect fit. Acrylic sheets, referred to as "plexiglass" can be used to replace window panes as well as to protect hard surfaces. At Miller's Hardware we can cut the sheets to size since plexiglass sheets are sold in predetermined sizes. 


A second or third set of keys is great to have in case you have lost, broken or just worn out the original. We provide re-keying services for residential and business applications on a variety of lock types and have a large selection of key blanks with the equipment to cut your keys. We have the proper equipment and trained staff to cut your new key.


Do you have a lamp that needs to be rewired? Miller's Hardware is here for you. We have the expertise, and use the same attention to detail when we rewire everything from Grandma's favorite lamp to a crystal chandelier.


We can fill any size propane tank.